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UTCC Language Center

    UTCC Language Center is part of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. The center offers several courses to our current students, alumni, and interested persons who want to enhance and brush up their language ability for daily life and careers. We aim to promote and uphold the highest professional standards to all students, controlling our courses, including designing language courses to serve the needs of individual organization.
    Students can be sure that they will get the highest quality language instruction from our instructors (graduate and PhD degrees) who have many years of experience teaching English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Myanmar and Thai to students and staff inside and outside the university.

The objectives of UTCC Language Center are to : 

    1. Provide language programs/courses for UTCC students that help them improve their language skills needed to pursue academic studies.
    2. Provide language programs/courses to UTCC staff for academic, professional and personal development.
    3. Adhere to high standards of language instruction and program management.

Our Vision 

     To become the first-class language center in Thailand

Our Mission Statement

      To provide high quality programs that meet the needs of the target learner 
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